The reason for my love of photography and the reason I am desiring to continue to pursue photography as a full-time career is because of my love for people and their special moments. What other job does not keep you stuck behind a desk and allows you to be so intricately involved in someone's life, sharing the moments every step of the way at events such as engagements, births, weddings, holidays, etc. Photography provides a one-time chance to capture each event as if it were your own, and a special way to provide a visual memory for that special event.

In each and every photograph, the key is to capture the emotion and personality of each person and moment. To visually capture a bride’s nervousness, or the excitement and anticipation of the future in the face of a new parent or graduating senior is priceless. Photography is a way of documenting a moment in time, a moment in time in which your subject’s world has just changed or is about to change completely.

In the end, I want people to be proud of their event and remember every wonderful second of it. I want their personality to shine and, ultimately, to make a woman feel beautiful. My name and talent is woven into each photograph, and I take special pride in that. God has blessed me with a wonderful opportunity to pursue this dream of photography.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Louisiana Tech University. My degree has given a huge advantage with classes dealing with film and digital photography, photoshop and website skills, several small class settings with intense criticism, classes on technical skills needed for digital photography and lighting studio skills. I have also had several opportunities to work one on with with professors, independent studies, and several internships with local photographers. 

My husband Daniel and I had a covenant marriage on June 2nd, 2007. He is my biggest supporter and fan, but also my biggest critic. He is honest with me and encourages me to always do my best. Without him and his support, I would not be able to do what I love to do. We have a precious little girl, Kennedy! We were blessed by her arrival in 2011. We received a second blessing in 2014. Elliot was born into our family and is such a joy! We've since welcomed a gift of a little girl, Aubrielle, in 2016.  Our caboose little boy should be arriving in 2019!


My wonderful “job” (I do not see it as a job!) allows me to work from home to spend this precious time with them, watching them grow, and doing my real job, homeschooling.

Above all we feel very blessed by God and I thank Him for letting my path cross with you and your family.

From my family to yours,
God bless!

Jena Leigh

"Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."
1 Corinthians 10:31